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Methodology Case Study: Guerrilla Research Hits the RTD A Line

Wondering how our research works? Take a look at this quick study we did for fun recently. This case study in innovation research is longer than most blog posts, but it’s rich with information and insights into our work. It will take you 10-15 minutes to read. If you ride RTD’s A Line in Denver, […]

Our Industry Is Changing, and So Are We.

When we started Consumer Research Associates a dozen years ago, we had a stable of clients in the product development industry and a smattering of clients in communications and advertising. Our clients understood the value of research, and they kept coming back because we always went the distance by not simply reporting findings, but telling […]

A Multi-Method Approach to Understanding Women’s Tennis Experiences

With a rainy spring here in Colorado our latest project mocked David and me. We are both longtime tennis players, though we have both strayed a little from the sport. Okay, maybe more than a little. Over the last few months, we both found ourselves thinking about grabbing our tennis bags and a new can […]

Paving the Way for Dental Therapist Legislation

Hi, Scott here! If you haven’t heard of a Dental Therapist, don’t worry, we hadn’t heard the term either when our clients at Healthier Colorado asked us to dig into rural and low-income Coloradans’ experiences with dentists and dental care. CRA jumped at the chance to work with Healthier Colorado on this project. Personally, I […]

Meet your new consumer

It has been almost three weeks since we shut the doors at our Denver homes, opening them only to go out for exercise, walk our dogs, hang out in the backyard, or grab groceries. Like most of America and the world, we’ve made big changes, presumably temporarily, and are both doing all we can to […]

Denver Start Up Week news

How well do you understand your target customers’ decision-making journey? Systems thinking has taught us that there are quick, everyday, low-stakes decisions and slow, complex, high-stakes decisions. But what happens in a world overflowing with data and quick access to information? Often the simple decisions become difficult, and the difficult decisions become simple. In this […]