Our secret? A balance between an academic’s eye and a journalist’s curiosity.

David Shaw, Ph.D.

Scott Webber, Ph.D.

We’re lifelong learners. It’s what led us to the Ph.D. program where we met. It’s what prompted us to start Consumer Research Associates. We enjoy using the tools we mastered in academia to address our clients’ real-world needs.

We earned our Ph.D.’s in Communication at the University of Colorado where we specialized in media studies and audience analysis. We consider ourselves anthropologists of consumer and voter behavior - uncovering the “why” behind the seemingly mundane trends and behavior we see in the world and you see in your business. Clients like you engage us for a range of strategic consulting services, including: branding and messaging, customer experience research, product development and testing, online behavior and user testing, and NPS consulting.

We believe that you should never miss an opportunity to connect with your audience. We believe that people want to tell their stories and to be heard. We believe empathy is key. With this mindset, we don’t expect to solve all the world’s challenges, but we know we can solve yours.