Wayfinding takes many forms.
We advocate research.

We use qualitative research methods to solve your most critical business and messaging challenges.

We target your audiences and ask the questions that will guide you to a product and messaging strategy that resonates with them because it reflects their lived experience.

We’ll help you get good info no matter where you are in your product and messaging strategy:

  • Foundational Research: take a deep dive into people’s lives through qualitative research methodologies designed to help you develop empathy for them, uncover unmet needs and wants, and identify new product and messaging opportunities.
  • Formative Research: test your concept products and messages with current and future users and audiences to identify your winners, understand the duds, and get valuable insight into how to refine them before committing to them.
  • Evaluative Research: gauge customer and audience satisfaction to validate your spend, identify opportunities for ongoing strategic development, and continue the customer feedback loop.

Our expertise in a range of qualitative research methods comes from our academic training and years of experience with audience and consumer-based research projects. The methods we rely on include: in-depth interviews, ethnography, and focus groups.