The consumer-facing approach that drives our consumer ethnography projects is to get as close as the project will allow to a consumer’s actual experience.

Consulting on the Ethnographic Method

What makes Consumer Research Associates experts in qualitative research? First is training. Our two principal researchers come from an academic background (both have Ph.D.’s in Communication) where they were professionally trained in the ethnographic method at the University of Colorado, Boulder, using a multi-disciplinary approach to solving problems.

Importantly, however, they are not academics. They are professional researchers with years of practice and success in user experience consulting and the application of the ethnographic method to help companies learn more about their customers and their own line of products. Our research team understands the difference between ethnography in an academic setting and the application of the ethnographic method to professional research situations, which are often limited by time and budget.

Finally, underneath the academic training and years of experience lies the softer skills that make great researchers: the ability to connect with research participants (and make them feel comfortable throughout the research process), the ability to build rapport with participants, active listening and, above all else, a genuine curiosity about people, who they are and why they do what they do.

Case Study


Understanding how IT decision makers select vendors and products


Case Study

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

User experience research to inform redesign of the Sales Navigator onboarding experience


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