Focus Groups

Focus groups are a mainstay of qualitative research and often a useful research method for amassing large amounts of data in a short period of time. We have experience completing hundreds of local, Denver focus groups in a range of settings. We are not limited to focus groups in Denver. Our researchers have been brought in on projects all across the country (and across International borders as well) for clients in range of industries.

Focus groups in a traditional facility allow clients to gain instant feedback throughout the research process. As focus group facilitators, our researchers have years of experience making participants feel comfortable within the somewhat artificial setting of a facility-based group.

One way to make participants feel more comfortable in a focus group is to recruit participants who know one another, what we call buddy groups, and move the group to a location where participants will feel more comfortable. These buddy groups often take place at a participant’s home where everyone will feel relaxed and more at ease than if they were participating in a group at a traditional facility.