Online & UX Research Strategies

Your website, latest software release, and new mobile app are products, services and brand articulations all at once. As such, they benefit from the design research services we offer for product development and testing. However their technological nature adds a new level of complexity – one where an understanding of your consumers, their technical capabilities, and their desire to replace or supplement offline activities with online applications is explored. We call this type of web user experience research a UX Strategy.

Consumer Research Associates’ UX Strategy represents a different approach to traditional usability testing. Our goal is to understand the expectations users bring to your new technology and to help you understand and meet them. We’re more concerned with making sure your products make sense to users and that they see their benefit immediately, as these are the primary obstacles to adoption. So instead of stats that come from eyeballs and stopwatches, our interface testing is an open and fluid discussion and observation that explores tasks, goals, processes, look and feel, and general ease of use – all from the end-user perspective.