At all phases of the product development process, our consumer-facing approach helps clients identify opportunities for product improvement while highlighting possible roadblocks.

Research and Insights

The goal of ethnographic research is to understand people on their own terms. For us, research participants are the focus of the final research reports, whether through video clips, quotes, verbatim responses or other consumer artifacts.

Our research insights, presented as part of a final report, rarely include numbers or other statistical analyses. Typically, they include an explanation of our activities, our findings and how we arrived at them, recommendations for moving forward, and the visual assets from the field that bring it all to life.

In short, a user experience project or engagement leaves you with the insight and understanding you need to make your next big decision and the tools from the field to give you the confidence to stand behind those decisions.

Case Study


Understanding how IT decision makers select vendors and products


Case Study


Identify opportunities to increase blood donations through messaging and online functionalityts


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