Getting at the customer voice is a nuanced process that requires knowing when to push, when to hold back and when to give participants a little room to go off topic.

A Leading Ethnography Company

Whether you’re developing a new product, service or technology, its successful adoption relies heavily on knowing and understanding your customers – both current and potential. After years in the trenches, the assumptions held within your company about your customers have become rigid and engrained. Sometimes you need an outside party with proven research techniques to help you get re-acquainted with them.

We are more than researchers

We are customer experience consultants. Our years of experience, as well as our commitment to using the best practices of ethnography while meeting necessary time and budgetary constraints, makes Consumer Research Associates, a leader among competing ethnography companies.

We are more than academics

We are scholars of everyday life. While our principal researchers have Ph.D.’s in Communication and graduate training in anthropological and ethnographic research methods, we still revel in the discoveries of everyday life uncovered by the people we meet in our research engagements.

Meet your researchers.

Case Study


Redesign of graphics and overall consumer messaging for Miller Lite


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